The Columbo Case Files

Move episode by episode through Seasons Six and Seven, the concluding seasons of the Original NBC Series. This is Vol. 6 in the series of Columbo Case Files ebooks, with the TV Movie volumes still to come. For now, enjoy guest murderers like the redundantly over-the-top William Shatner, the wry Joyce Van Patten, the sharp-tongued Ruth Gordon, and others including Louis Jourdan and the excellent Clive Revill. The final episode of the Original Series — “The Conspirators” — receives extended treatment. I came to appreciate several of these episodes more even than when I started, and I think you’ll like it too.



Among the worst things about The Slap is how it has fed self-righteousness in all but the two participants, and they already had it or

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Pig is revelation. Revealing is when what’s here is hidden then seen. It’s really many individual ones, though widely considered they’re the same, and all

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Not For Teacher

There’s an unfortunate instructor-y thing where the guy on stage [I’ve found it’s usually a male doing this] asks a question he already knows the

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Diminishing Me

You’d think a guy’d remember if it was the first time he’d seen a body but I didn’t not at first. [Hadda chance to graduate

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Everyman’s Death

It’s legit unseemly. Our being ‘gutted’ and whatnot by the deaths of people we don’t know. Still, there is John Donne and there is continuity

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Barbaric Yawn

One of the saddest things about Mildly Somnolent and Her Raging Nonesuch is she prolly thinks she’s transgressive, mayhap even original. Please. Madonna did it

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Talks With A Duck

Obscured in the kerfuffle over Mr. Robertson’s coarser comments on the Fairer Sex is a simple fact that any five-year-old can tell us: Adults say

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