Think and Live Cover Front

Think and Live
The first book. Ever. Starts with Christ.
Ends with Christ. Thinking and Living.
Thanks Harry, and Apologetics.com

The Boat Cover Main

The Boat
Never get out of the boat. That’s what they tell us.
But what if He’s out there. Shouldn’t we be with?

A is for Antichrist

A is for Antichrist
For a little fun — a very little — with the end of the
world as we barely know it and learning our ABCs.

Janus Ballerina in a Firebird Costume

Your Mom’s a Hypocrite
No offense. On hypocrisy, sincerely, if you can believe it.
Two cheers! Includes full text of The Happy Hypocrite.

Fictional Apologetics in Three Living Writers

Fictional Apologetics in Three Living Writers
This is not terribly readable, but then again it’s cheap. I’ll expand
on it one day. Not this one. A paper on Gautreaux, Hansen, Berry.