Columbo Case Files Revision Cover

Season One
[Hero in a rumpled raincoat]

Columbo Season Two Cover

Season Two
[In which Columbo gets a dog.]

Columbo Fingerpaint Practice
Season Three
[Cover art by @PaulMHD]

Season Four Cover

Season Four
[The bikini fits. Promise.]

The Columbo Case Files Season Five

Season Five
[Exploring new ways and means]

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Among the worst things about The Slap is how it has fed self-righteousness in all but the two participants, and they already had it or

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Pig is revelation. Revealing is when what’s here is hidden then seen. It’s really many individual ones, though widely considered they’re the same, and all

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Not For Teacher

There’s an unfortunate instructor-y thing where the guy on stage [I’ve found it’s usually a male doing this] asks a question he already knows the

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Diminishing Me

You’d think a guy’d remember if it was the first time he’d seen a body but I didn’t not at first. [Hadda chance to graduate

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Church folk and artists haven’t always been friends. Ha. Get it? Because it seems they’ve almost never been friends, though that’s not true, and shouldn’t

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No Words

Silence is faith. Before God Before others When I was quiet with G___ and B___ and J___ — that was faith. When I am silent it is

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Old Flannery Coat

The porch steps were slick with rain this morning, and I realized I knew people whose first reaction to someone slipping on them would not

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I’m a writer in Southern California. In the past, I’ve written for Entrepreneur Magazine, the Orange County Business Journal, and Christianity Today, among others. Most

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I write books and ebooks, including efforts encompassing faith and culture, fiction, essays, and apologetics — though not what you might expect from the latter.

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Burning and Bleeding: Efforts on Faith and Culture I’m Not Talking to You: Further Efforts on Faith and Culture It’s Alright, I Am A Jerk:

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras rhoncus, arcu nec hendrerit mattis, nibh magna convallis metus, nec viverra felis sem eget justo. Fusce

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