Words on Silence

Silence is the real.

Words lie on top.


To be alone with the Alone

He drapes himself in silence

Art, too, is the fruit of silence

Silence is the privilege of the brave

Silent love can only grow in humility

What is extraordinary is always silent

Silence strips man and makes him like a child

Silence is the prerequisite for and leads to love

The man who holds his tongue controls his life

The Father waits for his children in their own hearts

If we remain ourselves we’re full of noise, conceit, anger

Love is always humble, silent, contemplative, on its knees

How is even one moment of prayer imaginable without silence

Wonder, adoration, admiration, and silence, function in tandem

No one encounters God without withdrawing into solitude and silence

Silence is a condition for otherness and a necessity if one is to understand oneself

We can remain silent in the midst of the biggest messes and most despicable commotion

Without the capacity for silence, man is incapable of hearing, loving, and understanding the people around him

Without a strong desire to be rid of oneself, to make oneself small in the presence of the eternal, no conversation with God is possible. Similarly, without mastery of one’s own silence no encounter with the other person is possible.


Source: Cardinal Robert Sarah
The Power of Silence [Ignatius]

Image: Guru on the Mountain
Puts His Finger by Dan Roe
The New Yorker, 1 June 15

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